Hardens UK Restaurant Guide 2010 Rmy Martin XO Excellence Award for Best All-Round UK Restaurant  Mr Underhill's, Ludlow  Restaurant with Rooms


Apologies for not posting more updates, somehow 2016 disappeared all too quickly. We spent the year working on getting ourselves repaired and it did take the whole year. I now have 2 new hips which are beyond great and Chris’s shoulder did eventually get almost back to normal. Lots of physio etc. for both of us to get to this stage so it’s only now we feel we can sort out our future.
We will not be re-opening Mr Underhill’s, after 35 years it’s time to retire and have a life.
We would like to thank everyone who helped us along the way and we’re sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping we’d be back.
We never say never and if after a couple of years we find ourselves bored we may return but it would be with some talented people to do all the hard work!

Early March 2016 Update

We served our final dinner on Sunday 20th December, it was our greatest and saddest evening to date. We are now taking a break to get ourselves refurbished, makes a change from the usual renovations and upgrades to the building!
I’m sorry that we cannot, at this stage, be precise about our future plans but we don’t know how long it will take for us both to be fully mended, we hope to have a clearer idea by the end of May.
We do know that if and when we come back it will be different from the Mr Underhill’s of the past 35 years, it’s time for a new challenge. We have a project we are working on and again it will be the sort of place we would like to go to ourselves, this time somewhere on a more everyday basis rather than special occasion.
We are currently wrestling with 35 years accumulation of stuff, mainly china, glass and kitchen bits alongside, literally, a shed load of paperwork. Everything we know we shall not need again we will sell. Once that is sorted we will set to on our future plans. I will keep you up to date here and since I should have more time on my hands I aim to use this space for any bits and pieces that I hope you will find interesting.


Current menus, updated wine list, new recipe, some fresh pictures are on their way. Our year ended in a blur and it is only looking back now that I realise 2012 was probably our most frantic year ever, the re-style interior and exterior meant we had at least one of our amazing makeover team with us for the past year and a bit, at the moment Chris and Richard are sorting a leak between the new bedroom floors, our good luck was that it was found before the ceiling caved in! This alongside our book project, training new staff and trying to answer every phone call whilst focusing on the rooms and the restaurant which were full almost every day has left other bits neglected, especially our website, so this is my current proirity.


It’s done, it’s at the printers, we can do no more! If all goes to plan copies of ‘the cat, the cook and the cook’s assistant’ will be with us early September. Our book includes recipes, a bit of our history and bits plus loads of pictures. As with everything we do it is very home-made with just a team of five of us covering everthing. Someone referred it as vanity publishing we prefer the term insanity publishing. Please contact us on 01584 874431 to get your copy.

Come work with us

We are looking for staff both front of house and kitchen and are happy to train the right people, we offer a good package and make sure you have a life outside of work!

Wine Pod

Just arrived, a “wine pod” preservation unit which will allow us to offer finer wines by the glass and ½ bottle.